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New Wearable Technology That Trains Your Brain

To Identify Musical Notes

The new Vibes technology will help you quickly and effortlessly play your favourite songs by ear, solo and improvise like a rock god and sight sing like a diva. Spend less time being frustrated by tedious ear training apps and music theory practice, and more time enjoying playing music.

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How does Vibes work?

Using the latest neuroscience, Vibes is a wearable device and mobile app to quickly and effortlessly improve your ability to recognise musical notes intervals, chords and scales.

Vibes Neuroscience


The connections between brain cells allow us to perform complex and creative tasks. Vibes technology integrates the latest scientific research to generate more connections, helping you to recognise and remember musical notes and patterns. We are partnering with a leading university to research our concept.

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Wearable Technology

The unique wearable device works with the app. As the app engages your sense of hearing, the wearable device jointly activates your sense of touch. Together, this creates associations in your brain to help you recognise notes when imagined in a solo or heard in your favourite song in less time, with less effort and with faster results. 

Mobile App

The mobile app contains the bespoke learning courses to take you from the basics of musical note intervals to more complex chords and scales. Regardless of your age, or whether you are just starting or already learning to play an instrument, the app will be your guide to becoming a musical virtuoso.

Are you struggling to play songs by ear,

solo, improvise or sight sing?

You are not alone!


I recently started ear training exercises on a more regular basis, and I get quickly frustrated when I find myself guessing eight wrong answers before getting the right one.




I've been through tears (ear training at my college was a bitch) and big frustrations. It took me 4 years and 2 to 4 hours of daily practice to achieve what I wanted.



Vibes' unique technology removes the hassle and allows you to train your ears/brain easily so you can start being the rock god or musical virtuoso you always wanted.

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My Story

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Hi, I'm Phil

I've been learning to play the guitar for 18 years with the help of a few music lessons, online videos, books and just playing songs. It was great but then I hit a plateau. I was just stuck playing the same old thing.

My problem was that I could never transfer the notes I heard in my head to the guitar, often scratching around playing all the notes to find the right one. So I looked into ear training apps and software. I practiced for some time, but it never seemed to stick!

So I decided to do something about it. I started to look into how technology and the latest neuroscience research might be able to help. I thought...

Imagine if you could solo like a rock god. Hear any song and be able to play it without years of training.

Vibes was born. Using wearable technology and mobile app, the aim is reduce the time it takes you to hear and process music setting you on the path to the next level no matter what instrument you play or your age.

If you feel like this story is similar to your own or would like to get involved in the start up then please sign up to our newsletter and leave me a comment telling your own story and what would help you.


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